Technology for a Better Tomorrow


SevenStar is a Minority and Veteran-owned technology

company built on the principles of service to others, diligence towards solving big problems

and thoughtful innovation in product development.


SevenStar is comprised of a diverse group of professionals,

with current pilots in Chicago & Houston.

The SevenStar logo represents the Founders Military and Civil service in

both Chicago and Washington D.C. with a pronounced 7 in the logo

that merges the 4 stars of the City of Chicago Flag with

the 3 stars of the Washington D.C. flag.

We say, where other companies may offer 5-star service we provide 7-stars!


SevenStar was developed over a decade prior to formal launch in 2019.

Since then SevenStar has reincorporated as a Delaware Corporation.


SevenStar was founded to provide technology-based solutions

focused on Law Enforcement operations.


PROTECTED, is a first to market Public Safety application

that provides real-time data, accountability and transparency to both

Police Officers and Citizens during interactions.