PROTECTED App (Officer/Citizen View)


Contactless Policing Application
Safer & Accountable Interactions


Every day in America 50,000 traffic stops occur.  Each year 20,000 citizens and 5,000 police officers are injured.

Protected is the first technology for citizens and police to communicate in real time before face to face contact.  It is through this medium that we aim to lower the overall stress of a traffic stop, which in turn will reduce fear, and risk of injury while still sharing critical information in real-time.


Protected also adds accountability and transparency by allowing a citizen to rate their experience and to have instant access to the data collected leading up to and during the stop.


Your safety and preservation of rights are important, Protected gives you the ability to record your interaction, notify your network, and get a detailed receipt of your police interaction.

What powers PROTECTED



The Operating System for Public Safety

The Law Enforcement Operations Performance Analysis & Reporting Database is the engine and methodology that’s drives all SevenStar applications. LEOPARD works by utilizing cutting-edge technologies and tailored, analytic methodologies to turn disparate pieces of data into actionable information, and deliver this information to the right person at the right time to save lives and protect rights.

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